From The Guardian: House of Cards, Breaking Bad and binge viewing pull audiences online

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Alan Wolk was interviewed recently by The Guardian about subscription video on demand (SVOD) viewership following the release of research from GfK revealing insight for the first time into audience figures and drivers for SVOD services such as binge viewing habits, why users subscribe, what content is watched, and how OTT providers are using big data to tailor their offering.

The Guardian's article discusses interpretations of the data and Alan Wolk adds his perspective on the shift in consumer behavior:

This indicates a dramatic shift in behaviour: people will watch TV as catch up (Breaking Bad) to discover new series, as binge – to discover series they missed while they were on air (Dexter), and series they loved whose appeal is evergreen (Family Guy). All three are equally valid ways people will consume TV content in the future and the same person may engage all three behaviors depending on their mood.

It's fascinating to see the degree to which the desire to binge watch has become a factor in people's decisions to pay for streaming services. Watching multiple episodes of a series on your own timeline is such a liberating experience and I suspect that it will only become more popular over time. There will be many instances where the linear schedule is still the preferred option, but having the ability to binge watch will remain a huge consumer preference.


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