Panel: TV is Dead - Debating The Future Of Pay-TV

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TV is dead - it's the catchy headline for tech websites everywhere, but is it true?

In this live debate-style panel session at the TV of Tomorrow show, Alan Wolk moderates a discussion using the ideas from his widely disseminated (12,000+ views and counting) -- and controversial -- slide deck, 'Still Not Dead: 7 Myths about the Current State of the TV Industry Dispelled.'

TV is Alive panelists:

Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds
Hardie Tankersley, VP of Digital Product, Platforms and Innovation, Fox Broadcasting
Jeremy Toeman, President, Dijit (a subsidiary of Viggle)

TV is Dead panelists:

Mark Ely, CEO,
Janko Roettgers, Senior Writer, GigaOm
Seth Shapiro, Principal, New Amsterdam Media/Governor, Television Academy Interactive Media Peer Group
Moderated by Alan Wolk, Piksel's Global Lead Analyst.


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