Video Allows Radio New Revenue Streams to Futureproof their Business

Posted by Ashlyn Fulton


Radio stations have been a huge part of the way we receive news and be entertained since the 1920s, but a lot has changed in the media landscape since then. Radio stations are now looking for new revenue streams and ways to diversify their offering. Lucky for them, it’s easy to do, by capitalizing the online video boom.

Incorporating video is a natural next step for radio stations that want to engage listeners in new ways and attract a wider audience, at minimal additional costs. Video also allows radio stations to unlock the potential of their content, explore new markets and revenue streams.

WHUR-FM, the FM radio station of Howard University, have been doing their daily news show, The Daily Drum, over the air for 40 years. For the past year and a bit, the team have been filming and recording the show, having investing in lighting and cameras. What’s been missing was the distribution. And that’s where Piksel comes in.

Piksel, as a strategic business partner, have provided guidance to WHUR-FM to support their new video venture from initial strategy through to live streaming.

Let’s hear from Jim Watkins, WHUR-FM’s General Manager:

“The transition from the audio world to the visual world has been a big step for us, but with Piksel’s help we have created a strategy that we’re confident will lead us smoothly into the digital age. Piksel is not just providing a technology platform – it has crafted a business model for our station which minimizes risk and takes us closer to our growth goals. The expert support we’ve received throughout the pre-sales and set-up processes has made what could have been a complex journey into a straightforward and valuable venture, which will breathe new life into the industry.”

WHUR-FM will use Piksel’s cloud-based video platform Piksel Digital Enterprise™ to take The Daily Drum video stream to a whole new audience via browsers on the web or mobile devices. WHUR-FM’s live stream broadcasts will be supported by Piksel’s state-of-the-art Live Streaming and Monitoring Center, where expert staff review 128 screens displaying client source streams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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