[VIDEO] Why Endemol Beyond USA Chose Piksel, as told to IBC TV

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Recently Kevin Joyce, Piksel’s Chief Strategy Officer sat down with Nazia Mogra on IBC TV to discuss our recent work on GetBeyond.US. If you haven’t heard of Endemol, they deliver world-class content and compelling storytelling to multiple platforms in the U.S. and across the globe, and they have partnered with Piksel to launch the premium content network of Endemol Shine North America.

A unified approach for video content, on top of the wide distribution and reach that comes with YouTube, Facebook and other partners, comes with a lot of benefits.

Hear more in the video with IBC TV, from 0:56:

As Kevin discusses, by partnering with Piksel, Endemol Beyond USA will have complete control over their content, and full access to advanced video analytics. It will streamline their user experience with strong branding, and also provide a new way to add to their revenue streams.

User behavior metrics such as who is watching, where they are watching, and what they like to watch are available instantaneously, providing valuable insights for GetBeyond.US that you can’t always get when your video content lives on a third-party platform. In turn, analytics can help fuel the creation of content that is more engaging and increases watch time. Over time this creates more powerful targeting opportunities for business partners, advertisers, and sponsored content.

Creating your very own “owned and operated” (O&O) digital video hub is no easy feat, which is why Endemol Beyond USA turned to Piksel, leveraging our Piksel Hive video solution.


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