[VIDEO] Video Recommendations and Analytics Lessons from The Pina Colada Song

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We all know the Pina Colada song, right? Officially titled “Escape” by Rupert Holmes, the 1979 hit tune tells a story of two lovers growing apart so much that the man puts an ad in the classifieds seeking out his ideal mate, someone who likes Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. The person who responds is actually the woman he originally fell away from.

You might be asking yourself, “What has this got to do with video recommendations and analytics?” Well, as Miles Weaver, Piksel’s Director of Product Marketing explains to Videonet, the reason these two lovers drifted apart in the first place, was because that they didn’t really listen to each other or get to know one another’s interests. The same goes for video service providers. If you’re not listening and understanding what your viewers want to watch, you risk them drifting off.

Find out more about video recommendations and analytics in this short video with John Moulding from Videonet:

Video recommendations isn't just about knowing what your viewer’s likes and passions are, but also bringing these to the surface and making sure that content is easy to access. As consumers use more and more devices, even more than knowing what to show them, is making the content appear on the right device at the right time. The insight video recommendations and analytics brings provides you be more considered, strategic and show the user you understand what interests them. Being more intelligent about recommendations is becoming easier than ever, thanks to technological advancements such as scene-level metadata, and even mood-based recommendations.

So where is the value? In an ad-based business, users will engage more with content that is easy to find, sponsored ads can then be targeted based on relevancy. Neil Berry, Piksel’s SVP of Commercial – EMEA, explains that at minimum, content recommendation drives a 40% increase in engagement. But, video recommendations combined with insightful value-based analytics can also help suggest ads viewers are more likely to watch because it is relevant to them, and the content they are watching.

The value to a subscriber-based service comes when the viewer stays engaged for longer and has deeper loyalty with their service, thus is less likely to drift to another provider.


Don't risk losing your viewers!

Learn more about what the industry thinks of content reccomendations and analytics in this survey report published by Piksel and CSI Magazine.

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