Video Platform Options for Niche Content: Jazz & Blues TV Selects Piksel Hive

Posted by Tarley Jordan


There are many video platform options for niche content owners to expand the reach and return of their video assets, but how do you know which is the right solution for your business?

Jazz & Blues TV, a niche content owner, recently went through this process when they decided it was important to have a stand-alone video service to bring their premium live and VOD jazz and blues music concerts, interviews, and performances to enthusiasts around the world. Taking into consideration the three fundamentals of establishing a stand-alone portal, they decided to work with Piksel; and when Jazz & Blues TV launches in Q1 2016, it will be the first digital music TV channel dedicated to jazz and blues in the world.

Jazz & Blues TV’s CEO, Vince Williams identified three areas that were important to his video platform selection review: strategic understanding of his business model, flexible technology, and exceptional live streaming support.

Here’s what Vince said about working with Piksel:

The launch of Jazz and Blues TV will share the experience of live music with people all around the world and it’s with Piksel’s support that we have been able to make this ambition a reality. What made the partnership with Piksel a good fit was their strategic approach – taking the time to understand our online video business and setting a framework for what success looked like using internet TV business modelling. Through this process Piksel showed they are as focused as we are on a path to profitability.

Of course the technology needed to be right too. We wanted a solution that was easy to use and that would highlight the talent of our artists. This and more is possible with Piksel Hive. When you combine the technology and the business model expertise with Piksel’s heritage in delivering high-quality live and VOD experiences, it’s easy to see why Piksel was the clear choice for the launch of Jazz and Blues TV.

Jazz & Blues TV’s service is underpinned by Piksel Hive™ based on the Piksel Palette™ and every live stream will be monitored by our state-of-the-art 24/7 Live Streaming & Monitoring Center, to ensure the service can be seen far and wide, at any time day or night.

With Piksel’s unique formula of strategic business modeling services, our team of experts take the time to understand the businesses goals of your niche content business to  develop a sustainable monetization strategy.

Find out how Piksel’s business modeling services can help build your own owned & operated (O&O) video platform for niche content to reach further than you thought possible.

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