How Metadata Can Improve Search & Discovery

Posted by Miles Weaver


In the middle part of the second decade of the 21st century, video consumers find themselves awash under an increasingly large tsunami of content. The number of scripted TV shows alone has doubled in the last six years, and the explosion in digital video content has created genres and niches no one could have imagined at the start of the decade.

While having a larger pool of content is, on the surface, great for viewers, it does make the task of finding the right content to watch harder. A survey commissioned by Rovi in 2015 showed that ‘73% of users say they are extremely or somewhat frustrated when they can’t locate enjoyable content’. The reverse of that is that ‘67% would likely extend their contracts, upgrade their services or sign with providers offering better search and discovery’. To put it simply, improving search and discovery increases your opportunities for retention, upsell and monetisation.

But how do you improve something as ephemeral as search and discovery? Recommendations engines can only do so much, so there needs to be a way to fundamentally make the process better. At Piksel, we believe that the key lies in metadata – refining, improving, enhancing, enriching and augmenting it.

The state of metadata across most digital and linear services at present is, to be brutally honest, terrible. It’s inconsistent, incomplete and unrefined. With Piksel Fuse Metadata, we aim to solve those issues, in order to create a metadata library that is fundamentally better than what preceded it, thus improving the chances of retention, upsell and monetisation.

In this series of weekly blogs, we’ll be looking at the strategic and technical challenges and benefits of Fuse Metadata, focussing on three core areas – clean up and consolidate, enrichment and augmentation.

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Miles Weaver PikselMiles Weaver is Director of Product Marketing at Piksel. Miles is an avid commentator on the digital TV revolution speaking regularly at industry events and being published in The Guardian and Read/Write. Connect with him at @MrMilesWeaver


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