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What's Holding Up TV Everywhere

Earlier this week, the 9th Circuit denied Fox’s appeal of the District Court’s denial of a preliminary injunction against Dish and its SlingHopper app, ruling that the app did not appear to be causing “imminent danger” to the Fox network. The...

Discussing TV Everywhere at the Next TV Summit

Last week I had the privilege of moderating a panel at the Next TV Summit in Santa Monica on the future of TV Everywhere.

The Future of Monetising Television

In an on-demand world, there may yet be hope for the existing television industry model if ads are handled correctly.

The Spotifyization of Television: Towards A Newer, Better Business Model

In the broad curve of technological change, the music industry has, for better and for worse, always been a few years ahead of the television industry. And while the very different business models between the two industries translates to very...

NextTV Summit New York Digest

I recently moderated a panel at NextTV Summit discussing solutions for video everywhere and was able to attend most of the sessions as well. If there was a common theme I sensed from the people I spoke to, it was that we know things are changing,...

Digital Hollywood's Media Summit 2014 New York a view from the stage

Last week I participated on a panel entitled Second Screen - Social Television - The Merger of Content, Social Interaction and the Video Platforms as part of the Digital Hollywood 2014 Media Summit in New York City.

Is TV Dead? Piksel's Salon Dinner in New York, March 4, 2014

Last Tuesday evening, Piksel hosted a salon dinner at Del Frisco's in New York for around 40 TV industry executives, analysts and journalists like Variety's Todd Spangler. Attendees ranged the gamut from major video distribution outlets to major...

Monopoly Isn't Just A Board Game

Late last year, I wrote about rumors I was hearing that GAFA (Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon) had come to the conclusion that the only way they were going to be players in the TV industry was to control their own chunk of broadband access. The...

WhatsApp and the 19 Billion Reasons UX Matters

One of the recurring themes you hear from naysayers who are unhappy with Facebook's $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp is that it does the exact same thing as any number of messaging apps. Which is true. It just does it better and easier.

A Universe Of Their Own: The Real Fallout From The Time-Warner/Comcast Merger

One of the things that got lost in the news about the Time-Warner/Comcast merger was that the day before, there had been no small amount of buzz around an alleged Apple/Time Warner deal where Time Warner was going to allow Apple to create an...