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Sony Playstation Vue Wants to Replace Your Cable Box

So this is interesting; Microsoft announced recently that it’s scrapping its push for entertainment on Xbox, instead choosing to focus on the console’s core market of gamers. This seems smart, and appears to be turning the console’s sales figures...

Panel: Using Companion Screens To Improve TV And Make Money

Everyone is talking about companion screens - not just how they can be used to improve the TV experience, but also how they can make money. Last month I attended the Connected TV World Summit in London and joined a panel discussing this topic.

A Discussion on Multi-Screen and Companion Apps at the CSI Converging Home Summit

In May, I attended the CSI Converging Home Summit in London and joined a panel discussing multi-screen and companion apps. In particular, we covered how a multi-screen strategy can provide real strategic value to the television business.

Google Goes for TV Again With Android TV

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Orange Is The New App - Trying To Co-Opt The Meme Business

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Tumblr vs Twitter in the Battle for Social TV

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WWE Network Subscriber Numbers Released: A TKO For Vince McMahon?

In a follow up to our piece earlier this year about the potential behind the WWE Network, World Wrestling Entertainment, on the heels of Wrestlemania 30, has released their first round of information about subscribers to the WWE Network:

What makes second screen work?

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The Remote Control Needs To Die, So The Television Can Live

The television continues to evolve, but the remote control is stuck in limbo.

Beyond The Buzzwords at TV Connect

I re-learned a very interesting thing at TV Connect this past week; a hard truth that we all need to pay heed to. There are an endless number of OTT platforms competing for market share, and seemingly everyone in Western Europe already is in...