'Change the Chain' to Enable a Meaningful Digital Transformation

Posted by Miles Weaver


Last week we began to discuss Piksel’s Fuse Suite, examining the possibilities presented by Fuse Metadata Manager and Fuse Publisher and how they enable broadcast and media companies to effectively enable the digital transformation of their backend processes, which in turn lead to lower operational overheads, faster times to market and improved customer experiences.

It’s something we’ve come to refer to as ‘Changing the Chain’ (namely, the media supply chain) and it can be a radical step forward for media companies. By changing the chain, you can get to know your content better at all levels – where it comes from, where it ends up, the formats it needs to support, who’s in it, what it’s similar to, who’d like to watch it etc. Understanding content at this holistic level, made possible because the gulf between the linear and digital sides of the business has been bridged and the information is no longer siloed, enables you to do far more with it.

The unification between the two parts of the business also enables potentially radical overhauls in management of your content at multiple levels, from storage through to manual operations. You would no longer need multiple teams, duplicating the same work on the same asset(s); its metadata, checked and edited from a single file is usable by both sides of the business, its distribution profiles can be set for both broadcast and digital distribution and then left to complete as scheduled. Thanks to the machine learning techniques implemented within Fuse Suite products, your valuable human resources can be freed up to do things that humans are better at, leaving automated processes to run, and eventually improve, themselves.

Transformation is not always easy, but with products like Fuse Metadata Manager and Fuse Publisher it can be managed and incremental, making significant leaps forward at a pace that works for you and evolves your business a step at a time. Just like at the front end you need to move at the speed of your audience, your backend needs to move at the speed of your business, and the Fuse Suite can enable this, by changing the chain one link at a time.


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