The Future of Digital Transformation is Limitless

Posted by Miles Weaver

Digital Transformation.pngAs we reach the end of this series of blogs that lead us into IBC, we’ve talked around the concept of making TV whole again – that is, bringing the analogue and digital spheres of your business together. We’ve discussed how sidelining silos can enable transformations to your backend processes that make things like metadata transferable between the different spheres of your business, giving your greater flexibility of content, while reducing operational overhead. We then looked at how that backend transformation of metadata can enhance your customer experience, providing improved search and discovery, and thus QOE. We also discussed the impact that this kind of transformation can have on cost, and how digital transformations can reduce cost burdens in many ways.

Let us look further forward though. Let’s look at the potential, as yet untapped avenues that digital transformations can open up. Let’s look back to metadata again, so clear a beneficiary it is from digital transformations. What if you could use that metadata to not just improve efficiency and customer operations, but to increase your revenue? This is where the hidden benefits of digital transformation become realised.

If you understood exactly who was supplying metadata for your content, which is possible when it comes from digital sources, could you not start buying metadata per content item? When deploying things through automation, a digital level, there is no reason that metadata could not be treated in the same way advertisements are, with metadata providers aiming to supply the most complete and accurate metadata for the best price. This frees the content owner from having to rely on a sole provider for all data, and opens the market up for specialisation.

This is obviously only an idea, but it goes to show that there is a wealth of possibilities not yet considered that can be made available by digital transformations. When TV is whole again, serving analogue and digital spheres of a business equally, there are fewer limits on how you can use these flexible, responsive processes to fundamentally transform every aspect of your operations for the better.

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Miles Weaver is Director of Product Marketing at Piksel. Miles is an avid commentator on the digital TV revolution speaking regularly at industry events and being published in The Guardian and Read/Write. Connect with him at @MrMilesWeaver






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