Mediaset Group brings new Digitalia08 website to life with Piksel VCMS2

Posted by Chris Ewens

Italian media giant utilises Piksel’s next-generation content management system to create new digital presence for pay-TV ad-sales arm


Milan, Italy – 8 May 2019 – Piksel, a leading provider of software solutions to the broadcast and media industry, has today unveiled – a new website built for a key Mediaset Group company using its innovative VCMS2 platform.

Digitalia08, launched in in 2007, is responsible for the sale of pay-TV advertising within the Mediaset Group. The new website, which has been designed to make it easy for advertisers to gain an understanding of Mediaset’s Premium and Cinema Premium channel portfolio, provides users with up-to-date listings and advertising rates, as well as display formats and placement options.

VCMS2, launched by Piksel in 2018 as a successor to its original video content management system, is a flexible, end-to-end platform custom built for managing multimedia and video content across new media channels. Numerous media and publishing companies across the world rely on VCMS2 for the management and publication of digital content.

“Digitalia08 is a very important asset for us,” explains Giampietro Zambelli, Manager of Software Development at Mediaset. “It acts as a ‘shop window’ for our content portfolio and provides a direct connection to a huge number of potential advertisers. As a result, the website needs to deliver a wide range of media content flawlessly, every time it is accessed. Piksel’s VCMS2 platform gives us the power to ensure that happens.”

While the core of VCMS2 is its content management capability, the platform also allows customers to quickly and easily create a website frontend using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Allowing editors to tweak the structure of a site without the need for complex coding, VCMS2 also offers live page previews that update in real-time as content is rearranged.

Utilising a cloud-based, microservices approach to content management, VCMS2 enables the creation of dynamic, robust, scalable and highly customisable media-driven websites that display coherently across any device or platform.

 “One of the most significant benefits from using VCMS2 is the ability to create a cleaner, more compelling UI that displays dynamically across both desktop and mobile,” says Maria Angela Mariani, Manager of Visual Communication at Publitalia ’80, sales house of Mediaset Group. “VCMS2 has helped us to develop a responsive, engaging website that provides the same great experience no matter where our customers choose to view it.”

“Our ethos when developing VCMS2 was ‘one piece of content, many channels’,” concludes Stefano Valsecchi, R&D manager at Piksel. “We want to make it as simple as possible for media and publishing companies to create a first-class online experience that can scale to meet any demand. Digitalia08 is a great representation of that approach at work.”

While Digitalia08 represents Mediaset’s first experience of using VCMS2, the project has proven so successful that the company also plans to use the platform to launch an updated version of sister site in the near future.


About Piksel:

Piksel has been building successful online video businesses for over a decade. The company’s unique combination of professional and managed services is underpinned by Piksel’s state-of-the-art video platform, the Piksel Palette. Launched in the second half of 2015, the Piksel Palette™ is the only commercially available video distribution and monetization platform using a Micro-Services Architecture (MSA).

Piksel’s unrivaled expertise is in designing, building and managing online video solutions for the likes of AT&T, Sky, Channel 4, Discovery, Liberty Global, Mediaset and RTL. Headquartered in York, UK, Piksel offices can be found throughout Europe and the Americas.


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