Piksel Licenses whiteCryption Code Protection Technology to Protect Its Revolutionary Entertainment Solution

Posted by Tarley Jordan

whiteCryption provides premium DRM protection with the highest level of security for digital content delivered to consumer devices during travel


Olympia, London, 2 June 2015 – whiteCryption®, Silicon Valley’s leading provider of software code and data protection technologies, announced today that Piksel, a global provider of video monetization software and solutions, has licensed whiteCryption’s Cryptanium™ Code Protection technology to protect its innovative Piksel Voyage travel and transit entertainment solution.

whiteCryption’s Code Protection technology enables Piksel to apply the level of protection to their Piksel Voyage™ solution required by content owners for the streaming of premium content to consumer devices.  Now Piksel’s offering of MTVOD (Mass Transit Video-on-Demand) entertainment is protected with the highest level of software-based security.

“Piksel is a leading innovator in the online video services market and we are excited to add a valuable component in this advanced entertainment solution,” said Thorsten Held, Managing Director of whiteCryption. “Our suite of premium security technologies enables companies like Piksel to extend existing business models or even come up with fully innovative solutions whenever security is one of the building blocks; especially if these apps are running on insecure devices like smartphones or tablets. By using a security solution that is hardware-independent, the application stays agile and can easily be adapted to fit changing business needs.”

whiteCryption’s technology stands out by offering the following features:

  • Enterprise-level software security solutions that add a layer of protection to help avoid the limitations and risks involved with conventional application security.
  • Highly deployed security solutions that deliver the next level of obfuscation, self-defense and tamper-resistance against piracy, reverse engineering, and fraud.
  • Integrated software code protection and white-box cryptography solutions to protect modern software applications on various platforms including mobile apps and firmware/embedded applications.

According to Mark Christie, Chief Technology Officer at Piksel, “Piksel Voyage is a combination of advanced technology and strategic services that allows travel operators to transition to a more advanced entertainment model but still retain ultimate control. In response to that and the ever-growing demand for streaming video, we needed a solution that would protect premium video content on personal devices in an affordable and efficient way.  whiteCryption’s easy to implement Code Protection solution does just that, by thwarting unwanted alteration and intellectual property theft, providing the highest level of security.”

whiteCryption’s Cryptanium security solutions are available for all popular platforms including: Android, iOS, Windows, OSX and Linux, plus several embedded systems.


About whiteCryption

whiteCryption is a leading provider of software code protection and white-box cryptography products. whiteCryption, an Intertrust company, supplies its patented technologies to the world's leading software, hardware, and content companies in the Entertainment, Automotive and Finance Industry. For further information, please visit www.whitecryption.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


About Piksel

We help the world’s leading brands maximize their reach and return with video.

Comprised of a global team of experts we call ‘Televisionaries,’ Piksel has helped to design, build, and manage online video services for major media companies like AT&T, BSkyB, Mediaset, and Sky Deutschland, as well as enterprise brands like Airbus, Barnes & Noble, and Volkswagen.

Headquartered in New York City, Piksel offices can be found throughout Europe and the Americas. Follow the company on Twitter.


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