Piksel Provides Sky Italia With Industry's Most Advanced Digital Asset Management Implementation

Posted by Natasha Roberton

Piksel's Innovation Driven Partnership Continues to Grow

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2013) - Piksel today announced the expansion of services with one of its longest partners, Sky. Chosen by

Sky Italia, Piksel provided the newly enhanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) implementation, following the adoption of the Piksel VCMS platform.

The new DAM implementation extends functionality and innovation of the award-winning Piksel VCMS suite, which includes tools such as the Multi-DRM tool (Piksel Guard) and the Smart Video Player (Piksel Show).

Specifically, the newly improved feature set allows Sky Italia to smartly organize their digital assets, enabling users to quickly and easily find, view, and edit content.

The Piksel DAM solution simplifies the way companies manage and value their digital archive. Based on the Piksel VCMS Data Modeling engine, the flexible metadata structure can be extended in order to best describe the files' content, purpose and value, to perfectly fit the customer needs.

"We are pleased to be working with Piksel on this cutting-edge technical advancement. We believe Piksel's newly improved DAM solution increases the convenience of asset management internally and provides our customers with an enhanced overall viewing experience," noted Pier Paolo Tamma, CIO at Sky Italia.

The DAM extension provides invaluable support for processing and conversion of images, videos, audio and documents, as well as implementing an automatic generation of web-ready video and document previews.

"Sky has been, and continues to be an important customer of Piksel. We are proud to continually provide new solutions and services allowing our customers to smartly organize and use their digital assets. This commitment to useful innovation is what our relationships are founded on," Marco Frigerio, VP Sales of Central & Southern Europe at Piksel.

For more information, visit www.piksel.com or www.sky.it.

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About Sky Italia

Sky Italia is the Italian pay TV platform wholly owned by 21st Century Fox. Born in 2003, its customer base has grown very quickly and in March 2013 the subscribed families have reached 4 million 780 thousands. Sky currently offers more than 180 thematic and pay per view channels, with a rich offering of movies, sports, news, entertainment and kids programming. Sky was the first Italian television to broadcast in HD and live in 3D, and offers a pack of 60 HD channels and one channel entirely dedicated to 3D programs. Moreover, My Sky HD makes it possible to easily record one's favorite programs and to access the Sky On Demand service, whereas with Sky Go subscribers can watch on the move a wide selection of Sky's channels and on demand contents. For more information, please visit the website:www.sky.it.


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